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Vilnius CBD is a modern business district located on the northern bank of the Neris River. The surrounding area expands every year and implements large-scale projects – in the last 10 years, significant changes have taken place in Šnipiškės, thousands of square meters of the new business centre area, residential quarters, new streets and public spaces have been built. Rapid urbanization means that at least 3 thousand people will settle here in the next few years. new residents; such growth requires intensive development of services and public spaces.

Due to the intensive development of the district and the growth of supply, the Vilnius CBD district is on par with large European cities in terms of office quality, and the well-developed infrastructure ensures a strategically convenient location for further growth.

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A place for an extraordinary growth

Intensive development is taking place in the Central Business District of Vilnius, located on the right bank of the Neris – an increase of 250% in population and jobs in the central part of Šnipiškės is predicted. The main development is concentrated on Konstitucijos Ave. and Lvivo St. and around the blocks along these streets, but the changes are also noticeable more widely – between Upės, Kalvarijų, Linkmenų and Žalgiris streets. A growing number of new developers and building owners want to increase the prestige of the area, maintain high rents, develop better buildings and attract the public sector.

Over 9000 new inhabintants
in next 3 years

Over 13 000 new work
places in next 3 years

Overal growth in activity. 



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